Not Your Average

Hot Sauce

Cheehoo! Are you ready to add some onolicious spice to your life? Our Chili Pepper Waters are bursting with flavor! If you want a good, strong heat that makes your taste buds say "Woh, cuz!" Then our original Chili Pepper Water is for you. It contains all-natural ingredients including purified water, distilled white vinegar, Thai chilis, Hawaiian sea salt, and garlic.

Kimo's Ono Grindz Chili Pepper Waters is a Hawaiian hot sauce and so much more. Our Chili Pepper Water is very different from traditional hot sauces out there. When it first enters your mouth, you get to taste all the fresh, natural, delicious ingredients. On the back end, as you're swallowing it, you'll start to get that heat and it marries perfectly with all those amazing flavors. The heat then starts to dissipate, and you begin to crave more! In addition to our Original flavor, we also have jalapeno and habanero. 

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