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6 Best Chili Pepper Waters

Aloha, folks! I love my chili pepper water, but there are other companies that have some really good ones, as well. If you like variety, these are the 6 best Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water to try out (in my opinion):

1. Kimo’s ONO Grindz Chili Pepper Water

2. Parks Brand done by Halm’s Enterprises

3. Kauai Juice Company

4. Chef Noah’s

5. Da Big Island Burn

6. Adoboloco Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water

There are not many Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water companies that make it commercially. Also, you will notice most of them are not clear like traditional Chili Pepper Water in that they blend their ingredients. I prefer to keep chili pepper water clear and as authentic as possible. However, I am the only one who makes chili pepper water in three different flavors and heat levels: jalapeno, original, and habanero.

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