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How I Got Started Making Chili Pepper Water

I lived in Hawaii for several years and my daughter was born and raised in Hawaii. Chili Pepper Water is a staple condiment in most households. It is vinegar based and has simple ingredients and great flavors. Since I cannot get enough Hawaiian Chili Peppers, I do use Thai Chili since it is comparable to the Hawaiian Chili Pepper. It has many variations, and they are all good. I started selling my Chili Pepper Water because I wanted a hot sauce that tastes good and is not only hot. You still get the heat, however, there is also great flavor. I started with the original, and, as time went on our customers wanted other degrees of heat. So, we made two more flavors: Jalapeño and Habanero.

Our Hawaiian Hot Sauce is so different from any other spicy sauce out there on the market. It is more than a peppery sauce. It is a drink enhancer: our customers love it in coffee, margaritas, beer, and bloody marys. You can put it on vegetables, and

seafood, and when you smoke meat, the whole bottle can be used. Put the liquid in a squirt bottle and use the ingredients as a marinade. You can even take shots of the Chili Pepper Water to perk you up! This product can truly be used on anything.


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