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Why Chili Pepper Water is this Year’s Hottest Holiday Gift!

Kimo’s ONO Grindz Chili Pepper Water Hawaiian Hot Sauce is the hottest holiday gift this year. It is new and very different than anything you can find in stores. This is one of the few hot sauces, where you can see all the ingredients inside: it is not blended nor ordinary. It is a vinegar-based hot sauce where the entire bottle’s contents can be used. They are an everyday kind of hot sauce that you can use morning, at noon, and at night. You can apply it as a hot sauce, marinade, salad dressing (just add good olive oil), shake it on vegetables, starches, meats, seafood, or use it as a drink enhancer just to name a few. Chili Pepper Water is all about the flavor and not just the heat.

It is a great hot sauce if you are smoking pork butt or brisket. You can put the liquid in a squirt bottle and use the peppers and garlic on the meat: giving the meat a great flavor. If you are someone who can’t do spicy, the jalapeno is very mild and just adds a great flavor. Original is moderately spicy and full of flavor: it’s what you’ll find in Hawaiian households. Habanero is our hottest and will make your mouth go “CHEEHOO!” So, get ready for the holidays and buy a 3-pack for yourself and everyone on your holiday list: they won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be the favorite gift-giver!

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