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Experience the fiery spirit of Hawaii with Kimo's ONO Grindz Habanero Chili Pepper Water – a bold blend that captures the essence of island heat and flavor. Crafted in the heart of Concord, North Carolina, this unique chili pepper water is a homage to traditional Hawaiian culinary practices, infused with a modern twist. Each bottle is a celebration of the habanero chili, renowned for its intense heat and fruity undertones, which we've carefully balanced with a hint of local sweetness. This vibrant condiment isn't just a hot sauce; it's a journey through the flavors of Hawaii, perfect for elevating your favorite dishes with just a dash.


Ideal for marinades, dips, or as a fiery finishing touch, our Habanero Chili Pepper Water is a must-try for enthusiasts of Hawaiian cuisine and spicy food lovers alike. Whether you're grilling, stir-frying, or just looking to add some pizzazz to your poke bowls, Kimo's ONO Grindz brings an authentic island kick to your kitchen. Embrace the heat, savor the flavor, and let each drop transport you to the sunny shores of Hawaii. Aloha and enjoy the spicy, savory adventure that awaits!


5 oz bottle of Kimo's Ono Grindz Habanero Chili Pepper Water

Heat Level: Hot

Habanero Chili Pepper Water, Hawaiian Hot Sauce

    • Refrigerate after opening. 
    • Best when used within one year.
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